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The Staines Video Makers was formed in 1955 as The Staines Ciné Society by a group of film enthusiasts who wanted to improve their film making skills by pooling their experiences and knowledge. Over the years we have learned much from each other and visiting speakers.

Our membership grew progressively through the years to about 40. But, in common with many other clubs, membership has fallen in recent years. We now have 27 full members. This has not affected the standard of our film making and 2014 marks a high spot in our success in competitions.

We meet at Laleham Village Hall near Staines. Click here for further details of our Location.

In the scene below, members of Staines Video Makers prepare for a workshop. Each member is associated with one of three groups. The challenge tonight for each group is, in 30 minutes, to make a short film based on a script devloped the week before.


We meet regularly on Friday nights at Laleham Village Hall near Staines. Meetings are weekly through most of the year, but monthly through the summer. Meetings start promptly at 8.00pm and so most members arrive about 7.30pm. Activities through the season vary considerably.

We have film competitions for travelogues (holidays etc), documentaries, dramas, comedies, 4-minute and 1-minute themed movies and inter-club competitions. More details of these are shown on our Competitions page. By entering competitions members are able to get feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of their work with a view to future improvement.

No matter how much experience you have, members' movie nights allow you to show films, or parts of films and take advice from other members on how these can be improved.

Members & Guests
Gateway competition
at a Gateway Competition

Many of our members have considerable experience and are ready and willing to give help and advice to beginners and the less experienced. Our members use a variety of video cameras, including the recent digital formats, as well as various video editing hardware and software.

Technical evenings allow members to exchange ideas on equipment or demonstrate new technology. Our technical team is able to show films in virtually all formats and give advice on filming, editing, sound, music and many other aspects involved.

Guest speakers are invited to present various subjects relating to video film making and these are of considerable interest to members. During the 2008/9 season we had Terence Patrick FACI showing films of the years he and his father worked at the BBC, and Tom Hardwick FACI visited us again to show a variety of fascinating new equipment and some of his films. Tom writes regularly in the IAC's Film & Video Maker magazine.

In August we usually hold a Garden Party and in December a Christmas Party. Through the summer we meet once a month to allow for holidays and there is usually a special Summer Project for those with sufficient time.

Tim, Barry & Eddie
Tim, Barry & Eddie
Some of our Technical Team

SVM Events

Our detailed programme is included on the site so that you can select a particular evening of interest for your visit.

Please Come and See Us

If you're a beginner, or relative newcomer to camcorder filming, don't be shy! We've all been through it and needed help - particularly with editing to show films to our friends and family that are better than just what we took on our camera.

If you're more experienced, we still hope you'll come and see us and hopefully join. So don't hesitate!

Film & Video Institute - IAC

We are affiliated to the Film & Video Institute (also known as the IAC) and benefit from the services provided by this organization. For more information on the IAC Click here.

If you have any further questions, please contact us or read more about joining us.

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