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Copyright clearance is always a source of problems in making videos where an external source of sound or images/video is involved. The appropriate SVM rule is given below together with clarification from the IAC. members may be interested in this link to the IAC site copyright pages.

SVM Copyright Rule

Our Rule says: Copyright clearance of all material, both sound and picture is the sole responsibility of the entrant.

The committee asked the lAC to clarify what constitutes a "Club" production as far as the use of our Club's IAC copyright licence is concerned. They replied stating that any films made by the club as a whole or by a group of members of the club (such as our Studio Group comedies) are indeed club productions, and therefore covered.

But if a member makes a film solely for one of our competitions and give the rights of that film to the club by adding a "copyright SVM" credit on the end; or the member also enters the film so credited into an external film competition, then the film is not covered. The only way such a film could be covered by the Club's licence is if at least three members were involved in the making of the film and were listed on the credits, and approval was obtained from our the committee.

So for these reasons, when entering our competitions you are each responsible for copyright clearance. However, we don't intend asking to see proof of clearance, except perhaps for the winning film. For any other films you show - on members' movie nights for example - we shall probably turn a blind eye to any copyright requirement - even though strictly speaking we shouldn't.

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