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Knowledge Centre

Knowledge Centre

On this page we hope to accumulate information that members have found useful. Usually this will be in the form of short comments or advice, or links to websites that have useful information. The initial offering is intended to show how the Knowledge Center could cover a wide range of topics that may be relevant to video making. Items are arranged in categories and sub-categories. These are displayed in an 'accordion' which will show only the text currently of interest. This approach allows a lot of information to be displayed in a small area.

Items in the Knowlege Center may be added to, or removed as they become less relevant. Members can request the addition of new item/s by sending an email to the webmaster. Alternatively, you can send an email to request a change of an existing item, or the removal of an item that is no longer useful or contains a link to a non-existent page.

Audio Visual Forums
BBC Click

The BBC's flagship technology channel BBC Click website

Yahoo Answers

Yahoo camcorder - answers: Camcorders

Home Theater

Yahoo Home Theater - answers: Home Theater


Cameras: Cameras

AV Forums

The UK's biggest home consumer electronics discussion resource is website

Film Makers Forums
Indie Talk

The forum for Independent Filmmakers is: Indie Talk

Student Filmakers

You can find useful information at: Student Filmakers

Digital Director

Discussions on Video Editing can be found at: Digital Director

The Media College

The Media College has a number of Video tutorials on a range of subjects from Video & TV Prodution to Video Editing and streaming.

Video Editing and Formats
Cinématic Techniques
How to make videos
Making Independent Films

Another useful discussion can be found at: Make Independent Films

How To Make A Video

Steps in video making can be found at: Indie-Film-Making

Making A Video

A crash course on video making can be found at: Indie Film Making

Websites with examples
Best Indie (Independent) Film sites

Snag films: documentaries

Video Formats
Consumer Video Formats

This is an introductory article to consumer video formats and video compression

Comparison of video editing software

Comparison of video editing software can be found at this address on the Wikipedia website

AVCHD video
The AVCHD standard

AVCHD stands for Advanced Video enCoding, High Definition. AVCHD is now, virtually, the standard for consumer high definition camcorders. A comprehensive introduction to AVCHD videos can be found on the Wikipedia website.

Conversion using VoltaicHD

VoltaicHD is a video converter that converts highly compressed AVCHD files into either WMV or AVI format which can be handled by Windows Media Player, Microsoft Movie Maker or other video editing suites on the PC (such as Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 or Sony Vegas Pro).

AVCHD workflow

A DV User article on working with AVCHD

Video formats for the internet

Learn about video compression for web streaming here.

Video Techniques
Cinématic Techniques
Summary of Techniques

Wikipedia has a useful summary of film techniques

Video camera terminology

The Media College provides a useful list

Shooting techniques

You can find a tutorial here.

Video Camera Tutorial

You can find a tutorial here.

Types of camera movement

You can find a tutorial here.

Managing Depth of Field

You can find a tutorial here.

Audio dynamite

Take as much care with audio as with your visuals

Audio for Video (In 3 parts)

An article in three parts on creating audio.

Film Editing (Wikipedia)

Wikipedia has a good page on film editing.

Picture in Picure Effects in Premiere

A method for creating this effect in Premiere is described here

Video Hardware
Camcorder Information

Consumer Camcorders reviews (American).

SimplyDV Camcorder Reviews

Consumer Camcorders reviews (UK).

Indie Film making

How to light a scene: Lighting

video lighting techniques

Techniques from: Video maker

Home studio techniques

Home studio lighting: techniques

Choosing and Using

Choosing and using a tripod

How to Choose

How to Choose a Camera Tripod

How to Set Up

How to Set Up a Camera Tripod

As the content of the Center expands it may become unacceptably slow to display on your PC. If this happens please advise the webmaster. This problem will be addressed when the site becomes able to use a database, but this is not envisaged in the current development schedule.

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