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Storyboard Archive

Jill Carr - Storyboard editor

Our monthly newsletter is called Storyboard. You can access the current and previous editions using the links below. Prior to February 2009 you can view individual pages of Storyboard in a new window. If you find some of the pages too small to read, hover your mouse cursor over the image and a 'Resize' button will appear in the bottom right corner. By clicking this, you will return the image back to its larger size.

Editions of Storyboard after December 2007 are available as PDF files, and will appear in a new window when you click the link.

Get the current version of Acrobat Reader ( version 9, 33.5Mb) here

Alternatively you can download a lightweight (3.96Mb) reader from
  Foxit instead.

The Storyboard archive below is a 'tree' menu. The +/- sign indicates that a branch is available below the displayed item. Cick on a year to see the Storyboard editions for that year.

For Storyboard editions prior to 2008 first click on a year, then click on month branch to access Storyboard pages.

Branches without the +/- sign are direct links to Storyboard pages or pdf files.

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