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Originally called 'The Staines Ciné Society', our club was formed on 23rd September 1955. The society was founded by Ivor Smith and during the early years meetings were held at the Railway Hotel, Staines.

Over the next five decades the society has developed and grown into a happy and very healthy one. In more recent years it has had to accept and face up to the challenge of the many technical innovations and changes faced by the amateur film making movement.

In 1958 we moved from the Railway Hotel to the Laleham Village Hall where we have been ever since.

In 1990 we added the word 'Video' to our name when it was realized that Ciné film would eventually give way to videotape. For over 35 years however, the purring sound of the Ciné projector would be heard at our Friday night meetings.

Who would have foreseen the extent of technical advances that have been made since the days our members used to edit their films with the smell of cement as they sat patiently splicing scenes together? What remarkable changes we've seen over the years.

Our present President, Ken Ferguson, has been closely involved with the society for some 38 years and has helped with the many changes that have had to be made in order for us to survive.

On the 23rd September 2005 we proudly held our 50th Anniversary Dinner at Ashford Manor Golf Club where over 60 of us thoroughly enjoyed a wonderful evening. Here are a few of the photos taken:

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